Mobile Applications

Representative Projects

V12C and its practice leaders have helped some of the world's top banks and technology firms build technology platforms for real time data management, Grid Enabled decision support, risk management and operations.

Mobile Development Expertise

V12C has experience in developing applications for all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and form factors (phone, mini-tablet, tablet). We take pride in our attention to detail of every project, from conception, discovery leading to a specification and design and then development and delivery.

Quiet Time


Quiet Time gives the user peace of mind that the ringer will be quiet when needed and become active when the quiet period is over.


Setting your quiet time is as simple as a swipe on the screen.


Phone mutes when there is a meeting in your calendar and goes back to ringer mode after the meeting.


This is suitable for software consulting and development companies or IT departments of large business houses who like to have experienced and skilled resources to be available at their location on a short term basis. V12C identifies and screens resources. The client evaluates the resources and engages the selected resources

The pricing model is dictated by the time period of the engagement along with the country of operation. This model is extensively used by our clients if there is a strong need for expediting a project or needs specialised skill sets to complement an in-house team.